# Generating an API key

To use the api you have to generate an API key from your account at https://app.pagewatch.dev/admin/admin/api(opens new window)

PageWatch API keys

# Usage


This works automatically if you make use of the Netlify plugin.(opens new window) .

const fetch = require('node-fetch');
const response = await fetch(
         method: "POST",
         headers: {
           "Content-type": "application/json",
           Authorization: `Token ${PAGEWATCH_SITE_KEY}`,
           Accept: "application/json"
         body: JSON.stringify({
           commit_hash: '', // optional: used in combination with the github integration
           pull_request: false,
           repo_url: '', // optional: the full url of the repo, eg 'https://github.com/lpellis/deepmodernart/'
           context: 'production',
           branch: '',  // optional: the git branch of this deploy
           trigger: 'netlify',
           base_url: '', // optional:  if you deploy to a temporary staging site you can specify it here

You will receive a json response with the url to view the audit.

// status: 200
  "reference": "xxxxxxxxxx",
  "pages": 5,
  "url": "https://app.pagewatch.dev/admin/dashboard?crawl=xxxxxxxxxx"