# GitHub

# Continuous integration with GitHub

You can run PageWatch as part of your continuous integration process. On every pull request or deploy you'll be able to test your site and catch any issues before it becomes an issue.

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# Installation

# 1: Install the GitHub app

Install the GitHub app from your account(opens new window)

Make sure you give the app permissions to the relevant repository.

# 2: Use the API to run the audit and report results


This works automatically if you make use of the Netlify plugin.(opens new window)

To report the details to an pull request run, you have to include the following fields when running an audit from the API

commit_hash,  // the git ref for the build
repo_url,  // the full github repo url
pull_request: true  // specify that this build was started from a pull request

See the api documentation(opens new window) for detailed information.