# Netlify

# Netlify build plugin

Our Netlify build plugin(opens new window) can run PageWatch audits automatically from pull request previews or production builds.

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# Installation

  1. Install the plugin using yarn:

yarn add netlify-build-plugin-pagewatch

  1. Update your netlify.toml plugins section to reference the plugin:
  package = "netlify-build-plugin-pagewatch"
  1. Grab your PageWatch Api Key(opens new window) and store it as the PAGEWATCH_SITE_KEY environment variable in your Netlify build settings(opens new window) .

Netlify environment variable setup

That is it, now a PageWatch audit will be automatically run whenever you create a production build.

# GitHub integration

You can run PageWatch as part of your continuous integration process. On every pull request or deploy you'll be able to test your site and catch any issues before it becomes an issue.

See the GitHub app instructions(opens new window)

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